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Real Mindset Method with Darlene Root

If you are a real estate investor or entrepreneur focused on growing your business, having financial freedom, creating impact while living an inspired life, you will not want to miss the Next Level Summit.

Here is what you will breakthrough and experience in the 2 day Next Level Summit.

  • Rebuilding your self-esteem and self-confidence so that you can:
    • Build your business and earn 3x more money than the average real estate investor.
    • Create a business that works around your lifestyle.
    • Network with confidence
    • Have certainty when you get on the phone with sellers and buyers.
  • Uncover and rewire your hidden beliefs and root experiences/traumas that have been running your life so that.
    • You can create a story, beliefs and a new identity that “is” the
      person that has health, wealth, and relationships.
    • You don’t repeat the same patterns of the life that no longer supports the old story.
    • You can attract and manage wealth using the executive center of the brain.
  • Manage fear so that you can;
    • Overcome procrastination.
      • You will get more done in less time with a remarkable tool
        that your will learn.
  • Eliminate sabotage.
  • Avoid “shiny object” syndrome.
  • Crush imposter syndrome
  • You will identify your current core identity and learn tools to create a Wealth Identity.
  • Discover your Financial Independence Number (FIN) so that;
    • You can create a blueprint and pathway to achieve it.
  • Learn how to set REAL goals and unlock the correct part of your brain to achieve them FASTER!

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